Today I asked my best friend whose feelings I hurt on Christmas Day, whether she is still angry with me. She asked me back which options I would like it to be. I answered I want it comes to an end. She replied, “so there be it.”

I am very happy to read that reply. Then I sent her a reply, “Yes! Love you! *kiss* *kiss*”

I mentioned it from the deepest of my heart. I really truly love her as a friend. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again that she is one of the best friend I could ask for. She is one of the real gems of my life and she deserves the best friendship.

I told her that ‘Love’ is a very precious word for me and I always mention it carefully at the right time for the right meaning.

Then we had a simple chat and before she slept, she sent me a text:

“Love you too, pin.”

“FYI, that word is very precious for me, I would not spell it randomly, unless I truly love and you are my friend who I love, so I hope you will stay here forever. OK?”

I was stunned for a second and then replied her, “Thanks. I love you too, and I have promised you before that I won’t go anywhere. I’ll be here as your friend, now and till my death.” Tears stream down my eyes and I smiled. My friendship is now officially reinstated. Best Friend Forever, TVJT.

Love you.

With Love,