I made a mistake. It is very easy to mention that sentence but to repair the damage that ‘mistake’ has caused might be very difficult. A simple mistake I did before took 4 years to finally 100% recovered. It is because these kind of mistakes did not impair a thing but a feeling. A broken feeling can only be cured with time and trust. It is the ‘trust’ that is the most difficult to regain, and I never like to be in this situation.

This time the mistake I did today early morning started from last night. I had my own Christmas dinner. I enjoyed lots of movies and drank few glasses of vodka. I was not drunk. My mind was still intact and I knew what I did, but it was a lot in euphoria. I just talked whatever I wanted and did not control what came out from my mind as what I usually do. Only when my best friend became angry, I was awakened and realized I made a mistake. I have hurt her feelings very much. I really regret it and I’m looking for a way to rebuild our good friendship. I know it is difficult to forgive and even forgot it, but I hope it won’t take too long before she could try to forgive me. All I ask from her now is only another chance. A chance for me to prove as a better friend.

I write this with full of regret and apology. I know she might not read this post because she never reads my blog. The only time she read my blog was when I wrote a tribute for her birthday. I just hope if this friendship impaired for a long time, one day she could somehow read this and found out how regretful I am today because she is one of my best friend. I promised her that I won’t leave her as a friend before. I will keep my promise forever and therefore I need to comfort our friendship sooner than later.

This is my apology for my best friend whose feelings I hurt this morning. I’m truly sorry, TVJT.



With Love,