It’s been 10,000,000 seconds since your departure.

I miss your cook.

I miss hearing gossips about you.

I miss telling stories about you.

I miss you.


Grandma, it has been 10,000,000 seconds.

How are you today?

I pray you will find peace there in the heaven.

I pray your bless upon us..


Granny, how are you today?

Here is a note from your grandson

With us everything is okay.

Granny, how are you today?


Granny, don’t worry, We’re fine.

Promise to pray you everyday.

This time there’ll be no delay.

Granny, how are you today?


I found the meaning of my dreams.

Next time you will get to know it.

Many things happened while you were away.

Granny, how are you today?


I hope, I pray, I know you will always be happily ever after. Take care in heaven, Granny. I love you.


10,000,000 seconds In Memoriam of Farida Tjong (Aug. 6th 2010 15:05:00 GMT+1 / BST –  Nov. 30th 2010 07:51:40 GMT)


With Love,