Today I started with a good day. I slept at 7am after finished my study on children cardiology. I slept well in -6 Celcius Dublin. I had some nice dreams as well. Then I woke up at 11am. It was a hard one knowing it is Sunday. I pushed myself towards the bed edge and drop me on the floor so I would not attach to the bed any longer.

After that, I started to pack my clothes as I have to go to Mullingar today. I watched InterMilan versus Parma match while packing my luggage. It was a really good feeling to see finally InterMilan found back their character although it was still a bit lack of concentration at the back, but the score 5-2 for Inter is really fine. Thanks to Esteban Cambiasso, Thiago Motta, and Dejan Stankovic to have made me a day as an Inter fan.

The match finished before I finished my packing. However, then my sister called me via skype. It was a good relief for someone who is homesick like me. We had a long chat between me, my sisters and my parents. It was a skype family gathering. Nothing is better than being with your family in winter while christmas is around the corner, isn’t it?

We spent 5 hours chatting about lots of stuffs from business to our future. Unfortunately they had to leave as dawn was approaching. I too had to get ready myself anyway. So, I went to take my shower and made final preparations. I had to leave my house by 7.15 pm to catch the 8pm bus.

I left at 7.20pm and did not know where my gloves were. I thought I have left it somewhere in my apartment and I didn’t have time to search for it. So I left the apartment without gloves in -3 Celcius.

Then I went to an Indian take away to grap a supper before heading to bus station. I was still looking for my gloves in the take-away. I found my gloves at the time as the meal was ready and my friend texted me. So I wore my gloves, replied my friend’s text, leave my blackberry on the table, then put the food inside my backpack and left the shop! I took a cab and headed to bus station.

Arriving at the station, I wanted to make a call to find my friend. I REALIZED that I left my blackberry somewhere. There were 2 options: in the take-away or in the cab. So I made a phone call to my blackberry hoping for someone to pick it up. First attempt, someone picked it up and disconnected the line. 2nd attempt got no answer. I ran out of coins. I felt hopeless, wanted to cry, and almost fainted. I bought my blackberry with my own saving. Then I tried to change for some coins in a shop. He denied me initially, then I explained that I just lost my handphone and needed to make a call. Only then he allowed me to get some coins. So, I made more calls. 3rd attempt was no answer. 4th attempt got rejected. 5th attempt finally someone spoke on the other end. I thought it was in the cab but luckily it was in the take-away. So I rushed back with a cab to the take-away, found my lovely blackberry there and return to bus station. I just missed the express but departed at 8pm. I had to wait for almost an hour for the next bus. However, I felt lucky as I found my blackberry back. Could you imagine if I did not find it? I lose all my contact numbers, my 2 e-mails, and accessible twitter, facebook, and instant messenger. If I lost it, it was not only about me, but my family and friends too.

Thanks to my ‘never give up’ spirit today. I even made a decision that I wouldn’t go to Mullingar to find my phone even if I have to stay in the Garda (Police) station tonight.

Thanks My Lord I didn’t lose it for real. I find my blackberry back and so I can now sit on the bus between Dublin and Mullingar typing this blog with my blackberry. Most importantly I feel a bless.

I love my blackberry more now. I love my Lord more too.

Between Dublin and Mullingar..
With Love,

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