65 years have passed since the day when the Surabayans under Bung Tomo defended their motherland from British. They fought with all they had and this was what Bung Tomo shouted on the radio to burn the Surabayans’ spirits.

Selama banteng-banteng Indonesia masih mempunyai darah merah yang dapat membikin secarik kain putih, Merah dan Putih, maka selama itu tidak akan kita menyerah kepada siapapun juga. -Boeng Tomo, Nop 10 1945-

As long as Indonesia bulls still bleed red blood that can paint a piece of white cloth, Red and White, as that long we will never surrender to anyone. -Bung Tomo, Nov 10th 1945-

We, Indonesians, should never forget how our Heroes fought for our motherland. They gave their life for us to live in a better country, in a freedom. Therefore we should fight all out and give our life for the better world for our children, for a world peace.