Thirty years are certainly not a short time

It is not a flash like a blink in the eyes

Thirty years are the journey of a game

A game we’re in to chase the happiness

Years have gone since our first met

And our life have gone up and down

Nothing is really to be afraid

Because our love is never a clown

Laughs and smiles come and go

Tears drop no one ever know

Three children we have to grow

Would that be the entire sorrow?

Well, happiness is the ultimate goal in the quest

We shall never give up to give the children a bless

One day, we shall sit together when they’re all matures

On a wooden chair in a garden full of flowers

Looking back into memories of all those pictures

Of all paints we used to draw every single smiles

And we’ll know how our love colours our lives

To see how we raise two doctors and a pharmacist

Thirty years are still a long journey

Yet it isn’t near any end

Yes, we still have to fight for money

But our love shall never come to an end

Dublin, November 1st 2010.

Edvyn Andy Wongso©

For my beloved Father and Mother!

Happy 30th Anniversary!

I wish both of you are blessed with good health, peace mind, love and happiness.

With Love,