In the last 48 hours my country, INDONESIA, has been hit by a tsunami in Mentawai island with a 7.2 SR magnitude earthquake and a volcano eruption in Jogjakarta. Mount Merapi which is one of the active volcano erupted yesterday and blasted the villages nearby. The death toll as I’m writing now, according to some news channels, 125 people killed and more than 500 are still missing in Mentawai. Mentawai island is a small island nearby Padang, West Sumatra. It is an island and no road access to the island. The only way to arrive there is by a boat or a ship or a helicopter. This is a pity for them. On the other side of Indonesia, the volcano eruption has killed 25 people and hundreds injured. The small number of death is mostly due to early warnings in the last few days and evacuation had been initiated even before the eruption. It is also supported by a better infrastructure compared to Mentawai. Right now, people can’t even get any access and limited news from Mentawai.

I am Indonesian. I love Indonesia. I’m saddened in deepest sympathy for what happened. I pray and pray and pray for those victims to be strengthened physically and mentally to cope with these disasters. We, Indonesians, have to be united to help each others, not for them or you, but for us altogether. I can’t do much here in Ireland but I can still try to do something no matter how small my contribution will be. However, there is one thing that we, especially Indonesians, should aware of.

No matter how hard the nature hit us, we shall stand together still as one country, as a family, as Indonesia

I love Indonesia.

I pray for Indonesia.