Last night before I slept. I was browsing formula 1 and Inter Milan website. I then had a feeling that Mark Webber is going to crash in Korea followed by Sebastian Vettel DNF (Did Not Finish). I thought it was just a hope of someone who wants to see RedBull Renault lost in Korea and open the chance for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to win the championship. However, when I read the team that Rafael Benitez picked to face Sampdoria, I had another weird feeling that it is going to be a wet match in Giuseppe Meazza.

When I woke up this morning, first thing I saw the Korean race hadn’t finished yet. The headline stated that Webber crashed with Rosberg, while Vettel got engine failure. Now I’m watching the match between Inter Milan and Sampdoria. It is a WET match. Heavy rain is falling in Milan!

It is not a prediction by me. It was just a feeling. Would you call it a coincidence? Do conincidences happen?