People who know me better than others will think I’m a little bit out of my life, but I have got no reason as to why I suddenly stopped these compulsive acts. It might be caused by my intense daily schedule in the hospital or increasing fatigue (read: laziness).

Well, let me just begin my “10 things I don’t do lately”:

1. I don’t follow football as much as I did. I don’t read football news. I don’t watch matches except for Inter Milan. I don’t even open the site!!! Everyone should have known what football means to me, especially when it comes to Internazionale Milano FC, but I only open their site once in a week! I don’t even know what is going on with them. At one stage, I was wondering why there was no matches last week abd the reason because it was International Week. Could you imagine when I wake up one day and forget about football? OH NO!

2. I don’t read news on the net anymore. My laptop used to display a window browser full of,, tempointeraktif, and lots more. I used to follow politics, economy, and all the shits happen in the world, specifically Indonesia. I didn’t know what happened in Chile until yesterday. I missed a lot of things. This probably happens because the news has not been as interesting as before. Even some good papers have become more like infotainment. Full of gossips. Anyway, I got to be back to that world soon enough.

3. I don’t stock up any chocolates in my apartment! Sometimes I still look around for chocolates when I’m under stress but it’s amazing that I could cope with it. Although that doesn’t mean I stop eating chocolates. I just don’t take it as often as it was before.

4. I haven’t eaten rice for quite a while. I bought 2 kg when I’m back in Dublin last month. It is still in the rice box with the same amount today. My last rice meal was on Sept 23rd. Sometimes I wonder what I actually eat everyday.

5. I’m not on youtube for 24hours a day anymore. I’m still 24hours a day on facebook and twitter but that mostly to the fault of having blackberry. Anyway, I don’t find youtube as exciting as before where I could find lots of stuffs I really like.

6. I don’t sit in front of the tv from 6pm-9pm everyday anymore. I used to be a daily audience for deal or no deal, judge judy, or nothing to declare. I sometimes feel lazy to leave my bed to the living room for a friday night movie or reality tv show or x factor. I used to sit in front of the tv with my laptop every night and whole days in the weekend. For now, the sofa is pretty relaxed as I have been on them only 5 times for this month.

7. It’s not a secret that I am a Haagendazs lover. For me, no other brands can beat the smoothness of Haagendazs, not HB or Ben&Jerry. Most of my friends, especially my ex-housemates, know that in my fridge used to be at least 2 tubes of Haagendazs. 1 tube could be finished in 3 days, or even at once if I didn’t have dinner. It was never a day without Haagendazs. However, it’s pretty impossible to buy Haagendazs lately. 1 tube will cost me 5 EURO! Last term it was 5 Euro for 2 tubes because of the ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ promotion. I’ve been waiting for it. For the time being I can only enjoy the affordable HB but I don’t eat that just as much as Haagendazs. 1 litre of HB is finished in 2 weeks! And ice cream is only when I am still hungry after dinner. Weirdo? I feel that too:)

8. Games. Playing games can be so addictive. People won’t realise how it makes an impact on their life until it’s way too late and too much time wasted. I am not a gamer. I don’t play video game like mad. Sometimes when I’m mad, I hit the games but not more than that. The games I mean here is the online simple wasting time games. You must know those games in facebook or yahoo. Those games were my ways to waste my free time. Was I addictive to it? Pretty much, but not anymore. Aha! I am still wondering how it can stop suddenly. I just don’t touch it at all since the summer started.

9. Novels are one of my free time exercise. I brought 3 novels from Indonesia but none have been touched yet. I have been very lazy in terms of reading things.

10. Last but not least. Study. That’s pretty much for obvious reason that most people should know. Laziness is the word.

It seems I haven’t done most of my daily activities. So, what have I been doing?

1. Blogging.
2. Weekly gym.
3. Facebooking and Tweeting.
4. My schedule in hospital is 9am till 5pm everyday. That is where I study my stuff. I know review is very important but I have had enough in the hospital to absorb all my energy.
5. Last but not least, relaxing and sleeping.

Does it show I am doing worse than I should? Not really. Some of them should stay this way such as chocolates and ice cream. Some of them will be back in my daily routine slowly, it is just a matter of time. First of all, I got to reduce the sleepiness:)

Wish Me Luck.

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