October 6th. It is the birthday of one of my special friend. She is one of those who started the friendship with me in an absurd way. I would say she got the most absurd one. It was behind the scene. No one knows how we could meet each other. Another one special friend of mine appears to be the same person as her best friend, surprisingly, that friend didn’t know that I have known the birthday girl for so long. I won’t reveal how we started here, let it be our adolescenthood secret.

She is really a special one friend for me. I just realised that she is one of pieces left from my stupid 4 wasted years. We used to share each other about our relationship during those years. I ended with a break-up while she is getting married next March. I have to say that her fiance is a very lucky guy and I would like to congratulate him for that. She is a high-maintenance woman, but I guess you got to pay the price for a ‘luxury’ woman.

As today is her day, I just wanna wish her a very good and bright future. Be a woman and a doctor with an integrity and success in career, family and love. I wish her a life full of love, peace and happiness.

I wished I could give her something today, but I’m broke because I just bought a new handset. I am also still a student with no income. I apologise that I can’t give her something like a burberry hand-bag or a gucci purse at the moment. All I can offer her is a chronic long-term friendship. We have been friends for 6 years and it won’t end soon. Indeed, it will never end forever and after, no matter what.

Happy Birthday, dr. TVJT!

Good Luck!

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