It was actually my fault. I woke up around half 10 and it simply means I skipped breakfast. I was then so lazy to stand away from my bed. I just lied down on my bed with my macbook. More than 3 hours I spent playing around facebook, twitter and youtube. Then I realised my landlord planned to visit and collect the rent, so I went for a shower.

After that, I called him just to make sure where he is so I can plan my schedule for the rest of the day. So, I got 2 hours to do my things before he actually knocked my door. I decided to send my Probook to the IT Dept in my campus as they said some softwares are missed.

I arrived back at home around 20 minutes before the 2 hours time limit finished. I felt so damn hungry so I grabbed 2 slices of bread, spread some Dutch cheese on them, put them in microwave and lunch is ready! But, before I ate my landlord knocked on the window (it is a door-window). So, I got to pay him the rent first. He then left the house at 10 to 4pm. I had only 10 minutes to feed the dragon in my stomach.

I grabbed those bread and left to gym. I had to arrive before 5pm, otherwise I might not finish my training, because they close at 7pm. I arrived exactly 5pm because of the bus came late. Then I started my routine. Everything seemed right until I did some sit-ups. I started to feel losing my conciousness. I had to stopped everything and lied down on the floor when I did cooling down session. I drank lots of water but I started to stand unstably.

I rushed out for some fresh air. Luckily I reached the main door before I passed out. Once I breathe in fresh air, I felt much better and slowly regained my consciousness.

During that period, I had a thought in my mind. What if, I could reach home and pass out on my way? What if, I reached home and pass out at home, alone? The latter is a much more dangerous as I’m staying alone. Yes, I know that is my responsibility to know my limit in the gym, but I was okay, I did not feel tired, just a bit dizzy which is actually normal. Perhaps, I did not have my meal. However, that is not my whole point. My point is this is the kind of situation when you would realise that friends are really needed.

Keep in touch.

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