After I finished writing my previous post My First Emirates Impression I then headed to the waiting gate before boarding. I passed my boarding card to one of the officer. She took it, tore it, print a new one and gave it to me. She then said, “You have been upgraded to Business Class.” I shocked! My first ever flight with Emirates and I got upgraded to Business Class. It was also my first ever Business Class flight.

Emirates Business Class is 10 times much better than the economy. The duration between Dubai and Jakarta is 8 hours flight. For the first 3 hours I did not stop eating. They served snacks, appertizer, main course, snacks and finally desserts. I ate salmon, tuna and also lobster. I finished 2 movies to actually finish the meal time and allowed to go to the lavatory. However, that was an amazing experience as I slept very well with such a wide seat and almost flat. A nice 3 hours sleeping after meal what causes me stay awake until now and writing this blog. However, was it any better than Singapore Airlines? If you compared to Singapore Airlines economy, of course it is much better but, to be fair, we got to compare with Singapore Airlines Business Class. I will be waiting for that moment, for Singapore Airlines to upgrade my ticket to Business or First Class.

Travelling in Business Class was much relaxing. It reduces the tension and stress. 8 hours on the flight was not the same as usual. 8 hours in Business Class is like 3 hours in economy. It is a great flight I had. However, if I were to choose between Singapore Airlines and Emirates after this good impression, I would still go with the former. Emirates will be my second choice for now until I compare it with the Re-awaken GARUDA INDONESIA.

Anyway, the experience could not be any better after the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Quarter Final 1 between Netherlands and Brazil started. The first update was Robinho goal. The second was half-time score 1-0 for Brazil. Then suddenly, it appeared as 1-1. Felipe Melo scored an own goal. As much as I like Brazil defense I still dislike Felipe Melo. Next update was my favorite player from Netherlands, WESLEY SNEIJDER! He scored his 3rd world cup goals. Next update would not give me anything but a celebration as Brazil down to 10 men with Felipe Melo expulsion. I just can’t believe it. I have thought from every aspects long before the world cup, I picked Brazil and Netherlands to go to final. However, they must meet in Quarter Final. That makes me in dilemma. My heart wanted Netherlands to go through but my head says Brazil talents is better. I decided to go with Netherlands just before their first match against Denmark. I am now very positive with Netherlands and hoping my other favorite, Argentina will also get through to semifinal today.

It was all happiness in the second half of my flight from Dublin and I ended the day with a huge smile as I found that I passed this semester exam with a better result than I expected. Hopefully, I will be able to get to the next stage. I will keep on believing and fighting just like the Flying Dutchmen did.


Tot ziens.

With Love,