Just few hours before my birthday, I thought that it would be the saddest birthday. I would not have a chance to treat myself. I would not even celebrate the day except sitting on my bed writing my notes.

It was actually true for the first 7 hours. I only say on the bed and wrote my notes while every couple of minutes I would check my facebook if there was anyone wished me, then replied them. Thanks to facebook, I felt quite happy with the number of wishes I got. It really showed how many friends I have but how many that actually care of me is not revealed. Still, it gave me that people put efforts to write even for the simplest words. I really appreciated it.

I thought that I would go to the dreamland after 7 hours of facebooking and facing a book. Then, all of sudden, my mobile ‘laughed’ (Yes, my sms-tone is a baby laugh). I checked and one of my friend texted me, “Ed,so how is da plan 2day?movie?if u have plan wif da guys 4 ur bday,we can reschedule the movie.” I felt so confused with the ‘guys’. I wasn’t sure who she referred to but I am sure none of the guys left in the city really care about the day. Those who cared have gone back for good. However, I did not really bother with the boys but watching Iron Man 2 on my birthday would be a great treat instead of nothing! So, I said yes to the plan.

We watched the earliest bird to get the cheapest. It is not about being cheap though, it is about getting a seat. One of the girl treated me for the ticket, then the other gave me a cupcake when I bought a popcorn. “Well, this ain’t bad at all.” said me in my mind.

The movie was good. There were 2 things that touched me in the movie. First, when Tony Stark said, “I have privatized world peace!” That really reminded me of the big dream I have. I have never thought of being a billionaire, a president, or even a religious leader. I am not keen to be a successful doctor who earns a lot in a day. I am just thinking to be a good man. A good man with a good heart. That is all my dream. Second, when Howard Stark told Tony Stark, “You are my best creation.” I don’t know why I felt so touched. I imagined if my dad said it to me or I said it to my son, that would be the most beautiful thing. However, it is not only beautiful, it also has a very deep meaning.

After the movie, we went out and it was raining heavily outside. So, we decided to cross the road to Penneys. We shopped while waiting for the rain to stop. Then we continue shopping at Dunnes and one of the girl bought me a box of New York Cheesecake. I shocked because I did not know whom I’m going to share it with. Obviously, I will not share with my housemate as he still owes me 60 Euro. But, I got no reason to reject the cake. Since she took the cake from the refrigerator until I got off the bus she had mentioned that the cake is delicious more than 5 times. I tried so hard to believe and not to compare with the cheesecake I ate in Cheesecake Factory.

I arrived at home around 2pm that day. Then, I returned to my routine, facebooking and facing a book. Two hours went by and I felt so hungry. I realised that I did not have lunch but I was so lazy to cook or even walk out to buy a take away. I also felt so tired. I confused why I felt so lethargic. Then, I realised that I did not sleep since the night before when I woke up 2 hours before the countdown because of a dream. A dream that only me and the one who appeared in it should know. I will not reveal to anyone else and it should be kept that way.

When I woke up in the night, it was already 11pm. I could not have much to do anymore to enjoy my birthday. So, I took a shower and then watched a movie while enjoying half of the cheesecake. It was good but certainly it did not beat the cheesecake I ate 3 years ago in San Francisco.

As I promised her I would take a picture eating the cake, this is the photo I took after I finished the whole cake in the next morning.

Finishing the cake really concluded my birthday celebration. It was a little pain when the life is so hard to get through at the moment with problems after problems hitting me, but a birthday should still be celebrated with a smile.

There is one song I was listening to when I was eating the cake. The song is a soundtrack of Moulin Rouge. Here is the song lyric:


I follow the night

Can’t stand the light

When will I begin to live again?

One day I’ll fly away

Leave all this to yesterday

What more could your love do for me?

When will love be true with me?

Why live life from dream to dream

and dread the day when dreaming ends?

One day I’ll fly away

Leave all this to yesterday

Why live life from dream to dream

and dread the day when dreaming ends?

One day I’ll fly away

Fly, Fly away

This song has given me a new perspective to look at my life. I have not really understood what this means to me but I feel a new me has been reborn. With the new encourage to fight for my family, my friends and myself. It is hard but it is not possible and at the age of 24, I will start all this before it is too late.

To complete this story, I would like to thank Aliaa and Shawirah for the day, the movie, the cupcake and the cheesecake. I really appreciate the effort to cheer me up. Both of you have made me an unexpected joy. It was simple and that simple thing which gives a huge impact.

Thank you for everyone who wished me. Everyone has given a smile in my wounded life. That has given me more strength to face the real battle in few weeks.

It was my saddest birthday but it was a sweet celebration too



P.S: One of my closest friend forgot to wish me. I’m pretty sad about it but I will laugh in the end because of it.