This is a flick of a fortunate event in a series of my unfortunate events. I did not expect it and would never have a thought it would happen. It is a surprise in the middle of the night. It is a simple soft touch of love.

It all happened two nights ago. I had a day full of laziness, headache, fear, and many more things. Lately my days have become worse than worst. That day was not a different one.

I woke up late in that morning. I waited more than half an hour for the bus to the hospital. I did not meet my personal target for my research. I got a heavy headache when I finished 2 patient charts. I went to 2 travel agents which gave me € 900.00 as their cheapest flight ticket to Jakarta for summer. I went to post office to check my package and they said they can only track within Ireland. I had a dinner which is tasteless. I spent the rest of the day in my friend’s place just to be beaten in PES 2009.

Once I arrived at home, I just took a shower and decided not to touch my notes yet. It was just not the time yet for me to start working. I’m still searching for the lost spirit. I have lost my soul and mind.

So, I took my laptop and sat on the bed in the dark. Suddenly someone is calling me through MSN. Something suprising for sure. There should be no one calling me through MSN. The latest someone calling me through MSN was like last week and it was my sister. Then I look at it with a thought it was just a spam. In fact, it was someone who I have always kept wherever I go. She is almost in every gadget I have.

She asked me about my recheck. It was just a simple chat. But, it is just unbelievable that I can always rise my smiles whenever in touch with her. Isn’t it a wonder? I found a few smiles with all the boost she gave. That is why she is so special for me.

I feel an electric shock passing my brain every time I think of her. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’m prepared from my out-look to approach her. When I say out-look is not about money or face or body shape. It is more to personality. However, I’m still in the phase of rebuilding and reshaping me.

Unfortunately, she ought to leave early to settle with some preparation because she was going to the ‘Panda’ country. It was 5 minutes full of happiness for me. I then went to sleep. I slept well for the first time in the last one month and I finally got my first nice dream in the last 5 weeks. Even I felt like to continue sleeping when I woke up the following day. For a minute I hope for a better day, unfortunately, the series has to continue and yesterday was another bad day for me. I laughed  but that does not mean I was happy. After all, I now realise I need a little bit touch of love.

P.S: if, by any chance, you (the girl I mentioned) read this, please don’t get offended or whatever. Please don’t avoid me or step away because you are too special to be unknown. I wrote this just to express my thought and feeling.

ti amo.

With Love,