When I explained the imaginary relation between ECG, life and karma, it was only about to give you a different perspective about your life. My quote that ‘life is like an ECG result’ is just one aspect of life. It is indefinite and many thing unexplainable from that quote. However, it does tell you about what the basic of life is. I just tried to give a bit of taste of life journey through an imagination. It works for me and gives me a much better self-confident, so I hoped that it could be something useful for others.

One of the reader commented on the post. She said that her perspective of life is a roller coaster. It is fun, it has ups and downs, and it’s gotta stop one time, but the result is up to you. Was it a scary ride? fun ride? or unforgettable ride.

I am not saying that this is right or wrong. However, there are lots of questions flew through my mind once I read the comment. I am not trying to correct the quote or criticize it. All I am doing here is just to justify it to match my perspective about life and the way I’m going to do is to bring you on my ride through my imagination in the Imaginarium of eldios.

Life is a roller coaster. I can agree to some extent. Imagine if your life journey is the railway. Your first cry in the world is the departure bell. Therefore, when you were born, you are at the starting point. You don’t know what your life is gonna be. You wouldn’t have any idea about what to expect.

As the carriage starts climbing the railway, it is the early days of your life. You would have a happiness in your mind all the time although you wouldn’t know what is going to happen once it passes the peak. All of sudden, life is gonna be fast, unpredictable, and has ups and downs. However, the problem is you would not have your power to control the carriage. You can’t make it slower or faster. It is a journey which depends solely on the so-called ‘destiny’. You can enjoy the ride. You can feel awful of it but you will never be able to alter the speed.

I believe in destiny but what I don’t believe is destiny is definite. I believe that I can change my destiny. It will all remind us about karma again. But, destiny is in our hand. That is what we need to believe. Therefore, when we ride our roller coaster, we need to try set our mind to the highest happiness. We need to try to enjoy our ride before the time is up.

There is one thing I, personally, have to disagree with the person who commented on my previous post. She said that we can know the result in the end. For me, from my perspective, if we could decide in the middle or beginning of the ride, why do we need to wait till the end? I said that I imagine the beginning is the starting point of my life so the ending would be my unavoidable death. So, why do we need to wait till we die just to find out the result of our life? What I think here is I must make sure the ending of the story I would like to have and try to change it during the ride, so I would leave the exit door with peace.

If I could refer to one of the best movie I have ever seen, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, I would like to quote the moral of the movie. In the movie, there is a quote saying, “Life can only be understood looking backward but it must be lived forward”. This is one of the best quote I have ever got. This is what makes me always believe that destiny isn’t impossible to be changed. We must know the ending we want, then we look it backward to the point where you are and start diminishing the distractions. Just like riding the roller coaster, if you would like to gain more happiness in the end, try to defeat your fear and raise your smiles. Enjoy till the end and leave with full of memories. However, how to handle the fear and raise the smiles is not an easy thing and it is not explained in a roller coaster ride.

When I typed the above, I realised one new relation. A good one, indeed. When you ride a roller coaster, you will feel much fear. Your heartbeat is getting faster and this just gives us an amazing connection between a roller coaster, life, and ECG. Now you can see the need to maintain you heartbeat, not only to get a better ECG result but also to enjoy your ride. Whether it is at the top or bottom, it does not matter as long as you are able to maintain your karma.

This is my perspective when Ms Sanguines (from Sanguine’s Journal: http://sanguines.wordpress.com) mentioned her quote to me. I can not say that my ECG is better than her roller coaster or vice versa but I believe I have proved here that it integrates each other. We are in the middle of our ride and to maintain the best ride we need to maintain the heartbeat.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ms Sanguines for giving me such a great point for my imagination to fly passing the boundaries.

Tot ziens.

With Love,