I was chatting via Skype with my friend in the United States (she was in Chicago to be exact) just now. We are talking about my exam results from last January. We discussed about chit and chunk. Then she told me one analogy..

Life is like a wheel. Sometimes you’re at the top but on the next day you’re at the bottom.

Then I asked her what if when I am at the bottom then the wheel hits a nail? It’s gonna be a flat tyre.

I then let my mind fly high beyond the imaginary boundary. I ended at one point which is ECG (Electrocardiogram). ECG is a machine which is used to interpret the mechanism of heartbeat. It can tell you the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat, and it also tells you about the failure, block, or any problems with the heart.

Funnily enough, the most important organ in a human body is the heart. It’s true that you can die of lung, liver or brain problems, but without your heart those organs won’t be functioning.

I found this pretty amazing and I made a quote of it.

Life is like an ECG result. It will go up then down then up again, and when it is a flat line, you are just dead.

This is gonna be my spirit to get through all the problems I am having at the moment. In fact, I find that an ECG result really shows something about life. Here are some points I find quite interesting:

1. It tells you that in every heartbeat you have, you will have ups and downs.

2. When you have bradycardia (slow heart rate), it means you have good karma but it does not mean you will avoid the up and down.

3. When you have tachycardia (fast heart rate), it tells you that you have not-good karma but it is just about more ups and downs.

4. Bradycardia or tachycardia can actually be maintained by medications. It means you just need to control your karma and therefore you can maintain your rate of ups and downs.

5. When the amplitude of the downward wave is high, it means your not-good karma have ripen. Still, you have a chance to prevent it from getting higher by taking good medication which means doing good karma.

6. When the amplitude of the upward wave is too high, it means you’re spending your good karma excessively. This will let you die much faster. So, you still have to maintain it.

7. If you got an ischaemic heart disease, one of the wave will turn upside down. This means you can get a sudden attack of your not-good karma. Again, if you act actively to prevent further damage, you might survive. While if you got an infarction the same wave will go so much high up. This is not good because you are having not-good karma while enjoying the good karma. That is why people can die suddenly from it but it can still be prevented. The answer is by maintaining your karma.

8. Some people may get a heart block. This is shown by a little wave against the direction of the wave suppose to be. It tells you that even when you’re at the top you can get a bit of bad luck, shown by the small wave downward. The same thing when you’re at the bottom, you might have a bit of luck but it is not enough to get it back to the horizontal line.

9. When your heart stops beating, it means you will have a flat line. When your line is flat, you are dead.

10. The most important thing that we need to know is that, after all, it is impossible to have our heart to beat forever. It will stop at one stage and it is much better if you start preventing or countering the problems with your ECG result (read: life) to be the best and you might rest peacefully in the end.

For me, this is a very nice imagination. I am not sure if this is just a coincidence that life, heart, ECG and karma are related each other. I just hope this can be a useful piece for me and everyone and I can just read it again when I’m at the top or bottom.

In conclusion, you have to balance every aspects of your life. You can’t have good things all the time neither the bad one. After all, what you need to do is just to maintain it in a good rate, rhythm, and good amplitudes. How? It is just how you maintain your karma, and remember, karma is not the same as the cause-effect law.In fact, it is just a small aspect of karma.

The cause-effect tells you when you do good things you will get good results and vice versa. Karma is way deep beyond that simple meaning. Karma is about how you maintain your life. It is about how to learn from your past events then plan and do the best for your future. Good karma is not only achieved by doing good things but you have to see the intention of it and the effect it cause. For example, a rich person may like to donate his money in huge amount but we have to see the intention whether he really wants to help others or just because he want to show to the surrounding that he is rich, and that is not it, he might raise jealousy from his surrounding and then the donation is not a good karma. On the other hand, bad karma is not only achieved by killing or robbing. Bad karma can also be a result from anger or even hates. I am referring to the famous lobha, moha and dosa (greed, ignorance and anger). Therefore we must learn how to understand karma and how to maintain it and so our life will be in peace. To maintain your karma, we must consider everything that we see, read, say, think, hear and do. However, it is not just it. We have to control what we act, eat, drink, and smell. The last and most important point about maintaining karma is how you feel when you are in one of the above. This is my understanding about karma.

I learnt it from my daily life and by asking some good teachers. I might be wrong in some parts but wrong is part of learning, right? So, please comment.

Lastly, I would just like to remind everyone who reads this. Maintain your heart, you will get a good life. Maintain your karma, you will have a better life.

I also want to thank my best friend, Anastasia Gracia Lityo, for reminding me about the wheel and now I can realize a much deeper meaning of life.

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta! May all beings free from sufferings!



P.S: I don’t know if anyone in the world and in history has ever mentioned about this quote but I have never heard or read it somewhere, so I’m gonna claim it under my thoughts and it is a copyright in my brain because I invented it.

Life is like an ECG result. It goes up then down then up again and when it is a flat line, you are dead. -eldios©.Dublin,19/03/10-