Three years ago I had no friends around me. I was not close at all to my family. I had miserable days to months of my life. I spent days and nights alone in the campus and in the house. Tears and sadness was just my daily mood just how the weather here in Dublin was.

One day on my summer holiday I met you again after few years loss of contact. You were my first new but ‘old’ friend. You were the first friend I met. You were the first friend I talked to. You raised my smiles. You made my days. You gave me a new hope. You were the first chapter of my new life. Hundreds reasons why you are one of the best ever friend I ever met.

That is why you are so special for me and you will always be a special one in my mind and heart no matter what and who I am.

As today is your special day and you are the special one I want to wish you as what is written on the card..

My Birthday Wishes For You

I hope your birthday is better than ever.

I hope your face hurts because your smile is so big.

I hope your whole day is filled with sunshine and laughter.

When you wish, I hope you wish big…

I hope your tomorrows are friendly and kind.

I wish for you these things in life:

adventures, good days, good friends, good times,

peace, happiness, and a whole lot of fun.

Happy Birthday!

-Ashley Rice Collection.Blue Mountain Arts©-

Lastly, I wish you a life with a whole lot of love from today and till the end of time. Today is your day so please ‘enjoy.. embrace.. live with it.. -we©-‘ and smile BIG :D.

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, my friend.

P.S: I did not have any chance to search for a birthday present for you. I just found these 3 little things (Snowdrop, Coco, and Splodge) on my way to the cashier when I was buying a greeting card. I found them quite meaningful (honesty, happiness and care). So I grabbed them and sending them to you as your birthday present. hope you like them.

Dublin, 031410.