It was all started on June 2009. As a treasurer of Penang Medical College Student Association (PMCSA), I had a meeting for the 2009/2010 budget application with the President and Vice Presidents which were Mehul Kumar  (P), Arthur Lau (VP), and Jawing Chunggat (VP).

After the meeting we went out for lunch together, along the way Jawing and me had a little conversation.

Jawing: We’re going to Dundrum tomorrow, do you wanna follow?

Edvyn: YES! with who?

J: Pian, Aliaa, Arif, and their gang.

E: Oh, OK! What time are we going?

J: I’ll talk to them and let you know later.

E: Alright.

The rest of the day I spent with excitement of me going to Dundrum. It is where my landlord mentioned many times but I had never been there. So, the next day we met in college before we caught the bus. In the gang that day was me, Jawing, Alfian Hassim, Arif Basiran, Vivien Amru, Aliaa Juares, and Shawirah. Once we arrived in Dundrum, we went for a movie. The movie of choice that day was STAR TREK. After the movie, we had lunch at McD and it is where when Tom Husaini joined us.

Finished with lunch, we then walked around in the shopping complex. It’s not amazing at all if you compared with the malls in Jakarta. However, it was the good time for me as I made new friends.

After all of us tired of hopping from one shop to another, we ended in Starbucks Coffee. I sat beside Vivien who sat beside Tom. Jawing, Aliaa and Alfian sat on the opposite couch. On my left was Arif and beside him was Shawirah. We just sat there and chatted from rubbishes to qualities. I could not thanks God enough for letting me joining their ‘mad’ gang. I had my laughs and smiles all day in that sunny day. Starbucks Coffee, it was where all the laughs and jokes started.

The week after, I went home for summer. After that, the communication was at halt because when I’m home I have a job to be done and one of them is to concentrate chasing ‘the girl’. Then the laughs resumed in September 2009 when we’re back for the new semester. I moved from where I usually sit in the class to where they sit.

The second occasion we had was the dinner in Jimmy Chung. I was invited by Alfian. About 11 of us went out for a dinner and the bound became tighter there. From that moment, I became closer with them as time goes by. We went for lunch together most of time, we sat together in the tutorials. We just don’t go to toilets together (and this is important to be mentioned). This goes on and on until the end of November when I realised that there was not much time for us together as I was actually already confirmed to switch by then. So, I tried to do something together with them for PMC Farewell which we can remember forever. Ideas after ideas came out with many considerations and Jawing came out with an idea to make a video clip and we presented on the night. So, we tried to persuade Alfian and Arif. They stupidly agreed to the stupid idea. Next, we caught Wafiy Dzaki, someone who attended classes just because he got warned. Lastly, Mehul. It is not difficult to grab Mehul as we know he does stupid thing.

Just 5 days before the event, we started the making of the video clip. We borrowed the camera and the tripod which shows how poor our production actually. The weather on that day was not cooperative as well but amazingly we got all done in 2 hours. Tired. Exhausted but Fun! We had our undescribable moments.

We were not allowed to see the video which was edited by Wafiy and he used that video as a new excuse to skip classes. So, we waited until the day to see the video itself.

On the night, I was hoping that the ambassador and the Dean left earlier and so they do not watch it. Unfortunately, they left exactly after our video! The good part is hearing all the good feedback from our classmates, not only the Malays or Malaysian but also the Irish. I still could not believe it. From feeling like shit because we intimidated ourselves it ended become very proud of something we did.

After the event finished, I had only 1 wish that I could take a picture with the boys. I really pushed it because I knew that I may not gonna see them anymore after February 2010. Then, on that night, I downloaded the video from Jawing and I did not sleep all night to wait for my flight to London the next morning. Because I did not sleep and I did not have anything to do, I uploaded the video to my youtube account and then promoted it through facebook. For a non-active account like mine, having a video seen by 700 viewers in just 3 days is actually record-breaking.

Because it was late night (actually early morning) and I was sure that no one stayed all night like me so I decided to make the boyband name myself. I thought of a name with 3 criteria: not a cheap name, easy to remember, and something that shows our identity. I chose ‘The Royals’ and December 3rd 2009 was the day The Royals was born. I searched that name and no famous band used it. It not a cheap name as it is ‘The Royals’, you know, all the kings, queens, princess, prince, jack and ace. It is also easy to remember because it has 2 syllables. Lastly, it shows our identity as students from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Since then the Royals grow together. We strengthened our bond, thanks to facebook, Bon Ga karaoke bar, and Spicy Bites Indian buffet.

However, time ran out very fast and we did not have much time to enjoy. Exams took half of the remaining time and we had only few weeks before their departure to home. Then I started my rotation straight away and it took some more time. So, I decided to cook them something and may be the only thing I know how to cook. I invited them on Friday, February 5th 2010, to my house and we spent like 3 hours just chatting and rubbishing. However, for me, it was a quality time. The day after, I went to their house to spend the last few hours together before they’re gone. Unbelievably, it was my first time visiting their house.

February 7th 2010.

We arrived around 4am at the airport and it was too early to check in because the departure gate was still in dark. So, we went up to the mezzanine and decided to grab some coffee. After all of us took our place to sit, I said, “The first time we hang out together and had a chat was in Starbucks in Dundrum, and I can’t believe it that we’re now in Starbucks also for our very last moment.”

Not long after, we went down again to check in and I stood there in front of the departure gate in a misery. I actually planned to sing our single which is ‘If I let you go’ by Westlife but I just could not speak it out. I just kept my misery feeling down and tried not to break down.

When one by one, they entered the departure gate, I realised that they are now gone and I don’t know when we are gonna meet again. I’m not the same nationality with them and it is one of the main problem. That day might just be our very last day together for the rest of our life because no one knows the age of a man. Then, I walked down the escalator to the bus stop and took a bus home. I stopped one stop before my house and walked to my house. Along the way, I realised that we were close actually only for the last 6 months but that 6 months have made an impact in me. One of the impact they have given is a new perspective to look at Malaysians which I quite dislike before I came to Dublin.

Now I would like to close this story with some comments on my friends especially the Royals.

Alfian: I know you love food but if you could just cut the rice and eat more meats or veggie, that would be a good starting point. Don’t get your body like the one in Dodgeball. Haha. Anyway, it’s really nice to know you. I just cant describe how much and how I will miss you. One of the most I will miss from you is watching you eating. Watching you eating can actually increase my appetite.

Arif: Thank for the jacket, mate. That will bring lots of memories. Had a good time for last-minute shopping with you. Nothing much I can say except run and run and grab your dream in the south part of the world. hahaha. I believe you know where to go.

Jawing: Nothing much I can say because I said it before through PMCSA. As you gave me 2 letters in airport, I will give you 2 letters as well. PM (Prime Minister). Hahaha. I’m not interested in your 2 letters, therefore I can’t do anything. I lost interest as they have broken the image and pride being part of Student Union. Anyway, there is no Student Union in RCSI this year so don’t bother with it.

Tom: 2 words. Stop Smoking.

Wafiy: Go to classes your friends don’t pay you to stay at home. hahaha.

Mehul: please shave and DON’T WEAR SHADES WHEN THE SKY IS GLOOMY. You really look stupid that way while sadly enough you are proud of it. hahaha.

Vivien: Don’t think that you’re too fat. The more you think you’re fat, the fatter you will be. So, just think positively and you will have a positive life. Anyway, I think you’re not fat at all. Just be positive in anything.

That is all I can say about my friends who are going back to where they come from. I just want them to know that I will miss them somehow regardless the short time we spent together. However, this is not an ending. This is a new beginning and we’re living it together regardless the distance.


With Love,