The second month of 2010 has now officially begun. However, I hope it is not too late for me to list down my New Year’s Resolution. I have had this list for quite some time but I just did not have time to write it down because I had my exams last month and I started my clinical rotation straight away which put me in some trouble to adapt with the new situation.

As this is a New Year’s solution, I will restrict it just for 2010 because it will not be called as New Year’s solution if I aimed to get it by next year.

Anyway, here is my New Year’s Resolution:

1. It’s so simple to start this with a hope that I pass all my examination this year. It is also important here to mention my intention to get all passed in just one attempt. Having a repeat like last semester is horrible and I certainly do not want it to happen anymore.

2. I plan to be a better student. I really hope I do. It is really shameful I made mistakes over same mistakes. I have always had to plan and maintain study right from the beginning of the semester but I always end up start reviewing in the end of the semester. Would you believe if I said I never finished reading my notes before I walked into the exam hall? That’s the fact and that’s why sometimes I missed some knowledge compared to my colleagues.

3. I must have a better life. I need to take care of myself in a better way. I need to rearrange my sleeping and meals time. Sleeping 20 hours like last weekend is certainly out of a sense. Also, having no meal for 48 hours is a madness. My health has been ups and downs. I have to correct it and make it a straight line instead of a fluctuation.

4. I hope I have a chance to do an elective posting this year.

5. I wish to involve more in the company as my parents are getting older and they seriously need a break. They have done enough, so I need to start now to be ready once I graduate.

6. I need to meet all my friends in Jakarta this year. No exception!!

7. I must reduce my body weight. It’s not healthy having a BMI out of the normal range. I managed to reduce 10kg for the last 1 month. I’m 1kg over from the normal BMI and 3kg more to my target. I aim this before summer holiday.

8. I need to start hitting the gym again after a break for one full year. I must reshape my body and soul because I think ‘charmed’ is what I miss as a man. *laughs

9. I really hope I could get closer to a girl that I love. I really really hope but I just do not know how to do it. I just wish as time flows I can be with her one day and let time unites us if it is my destiny.

10. Lastly, I wish I could regain the trust I lost between me and my younger sister. I ever made a resolution to regain the trust from my family. I can say that I am on the right track between me and my parents, and between me and my elder sister but not with my younger sister. Sometimes I have an issue I would like to talk heart-to-heart but I just do not have the urge to break her heart. I have tried to not get emotional with her but I just do not know why whatever come out from my mouth is something that she thinks I am mad with her. It might be my fault and I must introspect myself and find what has gone wrong. This is not a healthy condition. I miss the time when there are no secrets between us, although privacy is respected at the highest. Today, there are just too much ‘hide and seek’ issue. There are too much secrets between us. I live my own and she lives her. I can say that today I know my sister just as ‘she is my sister’ and nothing more. Again, I just miss those time long time ago when we were really siblings. I am always jealous if I see brother and sister can be so close and I can’t. I hope 2010 will be a new beginning for us.

I think I have enough resolution for the year of 2010. I hope I can fulfil everything by the end of this year and have a better resolution for next year. After all, what I really hope is to be a better man, a better son, a better brother and a better friend.