I sometimes imagine that my self is a jigsaw puzzle. I need every single pieces to be on the right place and to be there to give me a beautiful life. However, it is very difficult indeed. Lately, I have been feeling a little weird. I feel I have lost one piece of the puzzle. It took my smiles away. I missed that piece so much. I need it back but the one just ignore me somehow. I am just moist in the air. I’m falling but yet slowly. Hopefully that one piece can realise that together me and the one will be stronger. This situation has not been a delicious life but nothing I can do except wait and see whether I can have back by smiling nerves or I will lose it till death do us united. Lastly, I can just write a simple poem for the one I missed too much.

This is pain. I’m in vain. Nothing I can do. But, you knew, I love you.

You were part of me and that’s the way it will always be.

With Love,