Holiday is now over. Christmas and New Year are now only a history. The party is over. Everybody is back to the ground and will be starting the year of 2010 from tomorrow. However, it is not the end of everything but it is the beginning of a new one. A new year. A new chapter. A new life.

Speaking about something new in a new year people will usually talk about their resolution. Some have many but not few have only one wish. However, I do not want to talk about my resolution yet. I will start with the a bit of my reflection about my New Year in 2009.

Last year, as far as I can remember, it was the worst ever. I had the best Christmas day in 2008 at that moment as I went to Notre Dame on the day with my sister. However, just in a week time, everything turned upside down. I came back from Newcastle on December 28th 2008. Then I started with my preparation for the January 2009 examination. I struggled quite a bit because I suffered the so-called Post-Holiday Syndrome (I named it). It was worsened by the fact that I was alone in Dublin as my housemates were not around. Most of my time I spent alone in my room without any New Year’s Euphoria as I called it. I lost myself between bundles of notes, stressful mind, and laziness. All of sudden, I realized it was already December 31st 2008. I had not prepared anything for my New Year’s Eve dinner. Further problems arose. I had a heave headache that day. I went off to bed early evening with a hope to celebrate the New Year Countdown. I woke up at 11pm GMT December 31st 2008. I was called by my friend through MSN Messenger. It was a surprise as we seldom in contact although the fact is we are in the same city and the distance between our apartment is only 15 minutes walking. Then we had a chat that night. Before she went off at 11:45 pm she revealed a shocking true fact to me about my future. Then she wished me a Happy New Year and we signed off. I have talked many times about that shocking story in many of my previous blog, so I won’t share it anymore here.

After that, I walked to take a shower. When I finished with my shower I checked my watch and there you go, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!! 2009 was started badly. That was my worst New Year’s Eve. Here are some facts about New Year 2009, and I will compare it with 2010:

1. 2009 was the first New Year I did not feel any courage to celebrate. In 2010, snow fell an hour before the mark and I went out to have a snow fight and built a snowman.

2. 2009 was the first New Year I did not do the New Year’s countdown. In 2010, I counted for Bali, Jakarta, Amsterdam and Dublin.

3. 2009 was the first New Year I celebrated in the bathroom as I missed the countdown when I took it. In 2010, I celebrated with my housemate building a snowman and with my friends through facebook.

4. I had a bowl of instant noodle with overnight rice for my 2009 New Year. In 2010, I had a well-cooked rice with seafood tikka masala and stir-fry seafood sambal cheered with a can of Smirnoff vodka.

5. I did not wish many people for 2009 New Year. I just did for my closest friends. However, in 2010, I spent 60 free webtext (thanks to Vodafone!) to wish people from Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, London, Dublin and all the way to San Diego (CA).

You can see the contradiction between 2009 and 2010. It was totally a different euphoria I felt. I can not tell you how devastating was January 1st 2009 for me. I spent the day with searching as many information as possible about my options. That is how my 2009 was started. With problems after problems arrived and days became more stressful and stressful, I sufferred throughout 2009.  However, the ending was not as bad as the beginning.

2009 was ended with some beautiful memories. For the first time ever I had a Christmas Eve dinner with some friends and I had Christmas Day celebration as well. I could not have wished for a better one as I was there with my beloved best friend. Unfortunately, I had to return to Ireland to make an early preparation for the January 2010 exams. It was a coincidence that I returned to Dublin from my holiday as the previous year, December 28th. Again, I fell deep into the Post-Holiday Syndrome when I arrived on my bed. The difference is that I could overcome it quite good this time. Then I flew through my A4 papers. Although I was still way off my target but I have a confident I can catch it up later. Therefore, I prepared quite well for my New Year’s celebration. I cooked. I took a shower. I cleaned my room. I wrote some blogs. I prayed. I just did not shave. Then snow started falling in Dublin and I had fun. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Smiles were all over my face. Now, I got a feeling that this year is gonna be a good year. I believe it. At least, it will be better than last year.

My conclusion is 2009 was simply the worst year ever in my life and I had been warned many times. I just did not believe it. But, I must thank 2009 as well because I learned lots of new things in the year. I believe it will develop me to a better human in 2010.

As for 2010 I have yet to make my New Year’s Resolution but I can see a brighter year ahead of me. I hope this is true and so I can grow stronger as a person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Goodbye 2009. Wilkommen 2010.

With Love,