When I wrote my post ’10 things I hate about 2009′, it was not like I hate 2009 so much as I have been struggling hard enough to get through the year. Many obstacles I had to face throughout the year. However, 2009 is not all about bad days. I had still had some nice moments I enjoyed or things that happened and actually made me smiles.

To make it fair between love and hate I will reveal those moments with the list below. Here are 10 things I love about 2009:

1. I could not tell you enough how happy I am when I passed my repeats exam. Those days were full of nightmares. I did not sleep for 3 straight days and I only depended on energy drinks to make my brain keeps functioning. However, in the end all the sacrifices I made was more than enough to give myself a satisfactory result. It was not an honor but it was enough to rebuild my confident.

2. Just a week before the end of the year I finally got my answer regarding my future as a medical student. The uncertainty was the main problem that I had to face throughout the year. However, it is now solved and I am gonna stay in Dublin for another 2 and half years to finish my degree. I could not wish a better result after all the efforts I made. Thanks to everyone.

3. I was very sad when I had to change the Italy trip with Australia trip which was eventually cancelled due to swine flu. Bali and Garut came into the discussion but all did not happen. However, I am grateful enough with the last decision which is Cilacap. It is somewhere I had never been before and the city certainly gave me a new experience.

4. Cilacap is not all about holiday. In fact, we went there as a business trip. This is what made me even more grateful because it means we can expand the business to Central Java which we did not actually believe as a potential area.

5. I watched a rugby match for the first time in my life, and sadly, the stadium is actually just across the road from my apartment. Sitting in the second row from the pitch was another wonderful moment. It was a good relief after the disappointment of not getting a ticket for the FIFA World Cup 2010 Play-off between France and Ireland just a day before. Thanks to Wafiy Dzaki.

6. I watched another fantastic musical in London! It was Wicked the Musical. I had waited for it for several years and finally I watched it early this month with my sister and her friends.

7. I went down to London for Taste of Christmas festival. That day was seriously all about food, food and food! I tasted great cheeses, wines, and many foods from good restaurants in London! Also, I tasted a cake from the famous bakery in Kensington, The Hummingbird Bakery. Last but not least, I went to a pub/club/bar or whatever they name the place to booze me with 2 glasses of cocktails. Thanks to my little sister, Michael Toa and Rani Nindyasari.

8. I got a new pair of shoes to replace my legendary Clarks which had comforted my feets for 7 years before they finally retired on Dec 17th 2009. I replaced them with a new pair of Clarks. They look nice and elegant. They are very comfortable. Hopefully they will last long enough just like their predecessor.

9. I failed to meet some of my friends because I had to return to Dublin during summer but there was one day I could meet someone whom I fall in love with. I would not call it as a date but it is always a thrill in my blood vessels when I could see her face to face. Her smiles are like *indescribable*. She is someone I respect. She has the personality I admire as a woman. She is one of a kind. She is simply the best. She is the one makes me crazy. Anyway, we went for a simple lunch and a movie. I could not tell you enough how happy I was on that night. I went to bed with big smiles and woke up with even bigger smiles. Although I am just nothing in her heart but she is always a special diamond in my heart and that is the way it is gonna be until it is impossible to love her.

10. Once upon a time, I wished that I would have at least once in my life to travel with my best friends or girlfriend. I had never got a chance to travel somewhere with my friends only, not even to somewhere nearby Jakarta such as Bandung. My parents never allowed me to do it and they always prepared something for my holiday since my first day of school, and it is always religious trip or business trip. I blame it as the reason why I don’t have many close friends. I am always in jealousy when I see my friends travel with their best friends together. As I grow older, the chance will only be lesser and lesser as most of my friends are now already working or even get married. Finally, it all came to an end when my best ever friend came all the way from Indonesia to visit the so-called United Kingdom. We went up to the north to Scotland and I seriously enjoyed the blessed trip as we did not just have a trip. That was a unforgettable trip. I still can’t believe I could walk up the Calton Hill (and all were white with snow), walk along the Loch Lomond with my best friend, cooked a dinner together, sharing stories, and celebrated Christmas Eve and Day with her. After more than 13 years we know each other, those days were I felt the closest to her and I understood how special she is as a friend, more than just a friend indeed. I can tell you that there is no one can ever replace her in my heart. I still regret I could not accompany her to celebrate New Year in London but it was all due to my incoming examinations! 😦 As she is enjoying her days in London and she might not miss me by any chance, I would like her to know that just across the Irish Sea I miss her so much and many stories I have in mind to tell her. I can not wait to see her again next July and hope she likes the gift.

Missing my friends a lot. and my dog, Keanu. and I’m homesick.

With Love,