It has been my routine to send a greeting card to one of my best friend in Jakarta since I met here 2 years ago. However, this year I have got no news whether the card has successfully arrived or it lost somewhere in the air. I usually got the news from her just 10 days after I went to post office but this year has been a bit troublesome. I went to the post office just a night before the last day for international mail. I arrived there around 5.30 pm on Dec 3rd while Dec 4th was the last day. I did not know if my card for her got through or not. Anyway, just in case it did not get picked by the postman, I re-write what I wrote on the card.

The same story is told every year

when the moon has more right than the sun

and night is longer than day

when wind blows strongly and heavy rain falls

and people call it ‘Winter Wonderland’

It’s in the month of December

when people celebrate the day of the God’s Son

A celebration of a holy day

In this year, in this Holy Christmas

Wish Love, Peace and Happiness always in your body and mind

– Dublin, Dec 2nd 2009 –

by -eldios-

With Love,