It’s now getting closer to the end of the year. 2009 is certainly not a good year, at least for me. Lots of expectations I wished at the end of 2008 were not granted or came true this year. Here is the list of 10 things I hate about 2009:

1. I struggled in my January 2009 exam with uncertainty of my future resulted me could not get the first class honors I was aiming.

2. I failed my June 2009 examinations for 2 modules! This caused me to come back to Ireland for repeat paper!

3. I lived my life with full of uncertainty about what is gonna happen in 2010.

4. I ought to CANCEL my trip to Italy because I had to do the repeats! while I had already sacrified my Spain trip during Easter break.

5. I fell sick too many times since the beginning of the year. My heart, my bowels, my head and my lungs have not been functioning properly. I’m even still ill today. (Yes! I went to see a doctor but the X-Ray and Spirometry was perfectly better than norms!)

6. I failed to meet one of my most respected friend during summer break because of my repeats! This means we did not see each other for more than a year now. I truly miss her.

7. I failed to reduce my body weight to the level I seriously need according to what I have studied. However, my health problem has been a disaster and diet programme alone is certainly not enough.

8. Too many problems happens at the same time in the family and they had more or less been a distraction to my life.

9. I still have my personality disorder. I have a problem which I can not share with anyone including my family. These problems had been precipitated for few months and were readily to explode at any moments. Indeed, they had exploded before and that is my problem. Excessive Emotional Expression is the way I describe it.

10. I ruined my last day seeing my best ever friend. I disappointed her and certainly I had ruined her holiday in the United Kingdom. I regret it but nothing can heal it as regret always comes late. However there is something I can assure her that the fact is I still love her just as much and she is still and will always be my best special friend and I promise I will never let her down again.


With Love,