Day 2 – Pain

I am speechless.

I can’t even find a word to describe how painful this is

I don’t understand what has gone wrong between us

Is it wrong just to love you?

Is it wrong that I fall in love with you?

Is it my mistake that I just want to know a bit more than others?

I don’t understand what mistakes I have done

I have hurt you again and again

I tried so hard to understand

I tried so hard to see from your eyes

But I just could not

I could not see what you see

I kept on hurting you

You kept on believing that I am the bad one

I am lost

I am speechless

Tears drop and dry

Heart bleeds and cry

There are so much misunderstandings between us

But we can’t talk

We don’t have the time

Or we just don’t try harder

I am lost

I am speechless

I love you

All I do is because I love you

If this is a mistake

If this is what hurt you

I would rather not to hurt you



For WT.

I’m truly sorry I hurt you too much.


With Love,


Day 1 – When You Are Gone

Morning rises slowly
Cloud turns grey
Emptiness in my heart
And sadness is quickyly filling up
Oh where are you love?
Wind blows wiping my tears
Can I shout my heart out?
I miss you…
I miss you probably too much
But without you life seems black and white
You are the reason I smile every day
You are the reason my heart pumps harder
I have said I love you more than thousands times
But they are still not enough
Oh where are you, love?
I can’t hold my tears any longer
I miss you..
Miss you here beside my heart

Msida, 16 September 2014

For 为为。


With Love,

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I was nominated by my colleagues Jacob Vella and Sean Mizzi.

I am forwarding this to Irvyn Wongso, Widyamurti Paramita, Winna Edwina and Claire Vella.


With Love,


I’ll Think Of You

I’ll think of you as I go

So when I leave you’re not alone

No matter where you are

We will never be that far

Cause I will think of you as I go


I’ll think of you as I dream

So when it’s dark you’ll be with me

And no matter where you are

We can look up to the star

And I will think of you as I dream


Oh it’s a long and winding road

But you don’t have to walk alone

Cause no matter where we are

I will keep you in my heart

And I will think of you as I go


I’ll think of you when I’m down

When my heart is on the ground

And I will never lose my way

Even when the skies are gray

Cause I will think of you when I’m down


Oh it’s a long and winding road

But you don’t have to walk alone

Cause no matter where we are

I will keep you in my heart

And I will think of you

Yes I will think of you

Oh I will think of you as I go

- Kurt Schneider, Sam Tsui, Alyson Stoner, Alex G © -


The song I would sing on 15th September.

For WT.


With Love,


Whisper On Cliffs


Standing up high to reach the sky
Beyond the sea on the horizon I stare
The sun sets calling it a day
Wind blows
Waves shout
At the tip of the highest cliff
I stay strong on my feet

Deep breaths
Filling up my lungs left and right
Let the nature sings
Down to earth
Unite with nature
In you I love

I close my eyes
And I whisper…
“I love you, 为, I really do!”

If only I could shout it out..
Would you smile one more time?
Would you love me too?

Dingli, 19 August 2014

In love,

Love in Fried Rice

6.30am. After 3 hours sleep. Tired and stiff back from sleeping on floor.

It did not stop me from standing up and do something I have never done before i.e wake up 1 hour before usual time to just cook for a breakfast and the breakfast is not even for me.

She is still sleeping. I watched her sleeping this morning. She is so cute. Shè is really comfortable under that duvet sleep thru her dreams. There is nothing could be a better morning welcome to eyes than seeing her sleep so well.

I went on to the kitchen and start to chopping some sausages and spring onion. First time ever in my 28 years life and 10 of them are abroad and alone, I make a breakfast!

It takes a lot of efforts, mostly to drive myself awake from my sleep and start my day earlier. But, if it was done with love then all will be felt is just happiness.

They say you can do crazy things if you are in love. I suppose I really do love her. It might not be the best breakfast for her, but if you could just feel a little bit of love in every bites of it, I would be happy. At least, she should feel like the luckiest girl on earth right now. In the end, it is just a little crazy things in life we called love. A love in fried rice.


Enjoy, Wei.
I hope it does not disappoint much :)

Felling so much in love.

With Love,

When Malta Went Blackout

It’s just another boring day for me. I started to rise up after a couple of snoozes. My legs were killing me as they always do every morning. The only good thing about this morning was the left over happiness from last night when somehow she all of sudden shared her life stories with me. I could not be more thankful that she finally did it after she always hides behind the curtain of her laughs and smiles for every and each stories I want to know. Yes, she is keeping herself away from me. I know it and I am trying so hard to knock down this wall. We could say that she would never love me back but it’s still uncertain how strong the wall will stand and I am not giving up, not for now.

As we did not meet yesterday, I really missed her so much. I tried to ask her out but the normal dine out would be very boring for her. I asked her to accompany me shopping instead. LOL! Somehow she agreed to it. We went out around 4 pm. We strolled the street from a Asian Store to a fisheries to a supermarket. I bought from instant noodles to ice creams.

I don’t know if she enjoyed it or not but she definitely looked exhausted for walking under the sun. I felt really sorry for that. However, the last few days, she has not looked so happy especially after Sunday. I tried to take a candid picture of her but I failed. LOL. She found it out and I’m not sure why she still resists to give me a picture of her. Perhaps, I’m not worth it yet. But, it’s okay. We’ll do it step by step. Her heart is like a fortress with multiple gates.

As it has always been, I’m just a second man in her book. The other guy will always have the priority, so today we started late as usual and then we ended up finishing my shopping at 8 pm. We arrived at my place just to find out Malta went black out. So, we went out for dinner. Everybody in Malta rushed out for dinner and we ended up having dinner only at 9.30 pm and finished almost 11 pm. I had a bad feeling that her place was still out of electricity. So, I decided to take her home and my feelings have been right lately. I forced her to stay overnight at  my place. I felt really bad to force her, but seriously, how can you let someone you love sleep in the hot temperature, dark, and no electricity after 1 day out in the sun, full of sweats and sticky dusts. Hell no. I’m not letting someone I love to suffer that when I could sleep in the air-conditioned room. I got a bit angry when she pushed me out, but somehow she decided to come.

I’m so happy that she is willing to sleepover. At least, I could have a night to take care of her. However, the other guy got angry and she became so sad.  I would never know what they say, but she was better after she took a shower.

It’s hard to love someone when there is another one, but to see her back on her smile definitely completed my day. I’m happy to witness her 28th smiles today. That’s how you love unconditionally I suppose.

Goodnight, Wei.


Keep smiling.

With Love,



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