Day 9 – How Could I Tell You?

Rain drops in a summer night

The sky is as gloomy as my heart

Standing on the bay

Staring far away


Sea waves roll high tides

Ocean lose their calms

Tonight it is one bumpy ride

In one of the dark realms


Oh love.

How much more should I say it out?

Don’t you hear my heart screaming loud?


Once upon a time not so long ago

On an old bench in this summer night

Through my eyes I have let you understood

You believe so I love you


But things have probably now altered

The dark days and miserable nights

Left you out questioned if I were honest

If I were just a little old unloved boy


Oh love.

How could I tell you the truth?

If you would never unlock your heart?


Oh love.

How would you feel what I feel?

If you would never glance on me?


Oh love.

You may never believe what I have said.

I love you.


Not because of longing for care

Not because of missing a girl

Not because you look after


I could give you thousands of reasons.

But love is sometimes so simple.

You brought me back to dreams.

You breath me into life.

You shine my heart.

You are my everything.


It is unfortunate that you don’t love me so.

It is worse when I can’t have the chance to prove my love.

It is worst when you disbelieve my true love.


Standing on the shore.

Tears stream on my shoulders.

How could I tell you?

I love you, Wei.

For everything you are.

From the deepest heart of mine.

In all honesty.

This is love that I feel upon you


Msida, 24th September 2014



For WT.


With Love,


Day 8 – Letting Go

A week has now passed

A lot has occurred for us

From the sweetest to the ugliest

But together we could always surpass


We are stronger in bond

We stay united despite the last bomb

Together we could always survive

But both of us know, I’m fighting myself



The history just repeats.

When one loves the other loves another.


Should I stay any longer?

Could I see you with the other?


Your happiness is my breath to life

Your sadness is my gateway to hell

Would I get the chance to be the man?

To love you and being loved?


Should I stay for more?

Or leaving you with the other?


All I could do tonight

Before I close my eyes and sleep tight


Perhaps one little prayer I would whisper

If you believe nobody else could make you happier

Not even this one man loner lover

Then be with him

Tears might drop and stream

I would still smile in the dim

I wish you the biggest happiest life

I love you more than anything


Msida, 23rd September 2014



For WT.


With Love,




Day 2 – Pain

I am speechless.

I can’t even find a word to describe how painful this is

I don’t understand what has gone wrong between us

Is it wrong just to love you?

Is it wrong that I fall in love with you?

Is it my mistake that I just want to know a bit more than others?

I don’t understand what mistakes I have done

I have hurt you again and again

I tried so hard to understand

I tried so hard to see from your eyes

But I just could not

I could not see what you see

I kept on hurting you

You kept on believing that I am the bad one

I am lost

I am speechless

Tears drop and dry

Heart bleeds and cry

There are so much misunderstandings between us

But we can’t talk

We don’t have the time

Or we just don’t try harder

I am lost

I am speechless

I love you

All I do is because I love you

If this is a mistake

If this is what hurt you

I would rather not to hurt you



For WT.

I’m truly sorry I hurt you too much.


With Love,


Day 1 – When You Are Gone

Morning rises slowly
Cloud turns grey
Emptiness in my heart
And sadness is quickyly filling up
Oh where are you love?
Wind blows wiping my tears
Can I shout my heart out?
I miss you…
I miss you probably too much
But without you life seems black and white
You are the reason I smile every day
You are the reason my heart pumps harder
I have said I love you more than thousands times
But they are still not enough
Oh where are you, love?
I can’t hold my tears any longer
I miss you..
Miss you here beside my heart

Msida, 16 September 2014

For 为为。


With Love,

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I was nominated by my colleagues Jacob Vella and Sean Mizzi.

I am forwarding this to Irvyn Wongso, Widyamurti Paramita, Winna Edwina and Claire Vella.


With Love,


I’ll Think Of You

I’ll think of you as I go

So when I leave you’re not alone

No matter where you are

We will never be that far

Cause I will think of you as I go


I’ll think of you as I dream

So when it’s dark you’ll be with me

And no matter where you are

We can look up to the star

And I will think of you as I dream


Oh it’s a long and winding road

But you don’t have to walk alone

Cause no matter where we are

I will keep you in my heart

And I will think of you as I go


I’ll think of you when I’m down

When my heart is on the ground

And I will never lose my way

Even when the skies are gray

Cause I will think of you when I’m down


Oh it’s a long and winding road

But you don’t have to walk alone

Cause no matter where we are

I will keep you in my heart

And I will think of you

Yes I will think of you

Oh I will think of you as I go

- Kurt Schneider, Sam Tsui, Alyson Stoner, Alex G © -


The song I would sing on 15th September.

For WT.


With Love,


Whisper On Cliffs


Standing up high to reach the sky
Beyond the sea on the horizon I stare
The sun sets calling it a day
Wind blows
Waves shout
At the tip of the highest cliff
I stay strong on my feet

Deep breaths
Filling up my lungs left and right
Let the nature sings
Down to earth
Unite with nature
In you I love

I close my eyes
And I whisper…
“I love you, 为, I really do!”

If only I could shout it out..
Would you smile one more time?
Would you love me too?

Dingli, 19 August 2014

In love,


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